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My Hot Brinda Aunty – Part VI

After returning from her 3 days trip, I called her on Monday morning and talked to her. 

Then on that weekend she called me to share all her new experiences to me, so on Friday late evening around 8:30 I went to her home excited to listen to her and knocked the door, she opened and welcomed me in. She has completely transformed, she was wearing a tight blue saree and was looking so hot and fuckable, her boobs were jutting out through her saree both from top and at the sides making it appear like a two footballs. 

Somehow I controlled and went in while she turned back ohh what a scene her ass was so round and projected very bady outwards, then I said “come aunty I can’t wait to hear your sex session last week” she said “ohh bala, you won’t believe the experience I had” we sat on the sofa at the hall and i asked her” what happen this week no plans? 

She said” no, uncle has gone out today and will come tomorow morning, I guess only next week we will have plans, but last week’s effect is still fresh bala, ohh what to say I asked about her son, she said he is in his room, then I said” ok ok come on tell me what happened?” then she started her narration bala, the moment I sat in the taxi, my body started to get excitement and I was able to feel my nipples starting to erect 

I wanted to control but I couldn’t, the things which he did to me first time , trying to seduce me even without my full co-opration were all coming to my mind and this was making me hot. On the way to hotel i got call from him, he said “hi darling have you got into taxi?” I said ” yes taxi has started” then he said” listen dear taxi will come to railway station I will pick you up I said what why there, what’s this Deepak? 

He, said” don’t worry darling just come and wait at the entrance”I said”ok”then he gave a kiss and disconnected the phone. I was terribly confused and afraid not knowing where he’s going to take me. 

Then the taxi reached railway station, I got down covering my face properly with the saree paulla, then I saw him coming from inside the station, I waved my hands and called him. He came near me and said” hi, wow you are a real sculputre of beauty darling What’s this closed your face? i said”to hide myslef, if any person who knows me see’s me then I will be in big trouble”, he said” ohh come on great and got the bag from me, took his left hand behind me cupped my left side hip hugging me towards him and started to go inside the station platform. 

I was so confused and asked him” where are we going? he said ” we need good privacy and at the same time to roam freely outside. We have to goto a different place, so were are going to another city, don’t worry dear on sunday night you will be at your home” I didn’t say anything then he said “you look so beautiful, your body is just so hot in this saree what a dress every curve in your body is a feast darling hmmmm I want to insert my penis into you right now darling” saying this he gently squeezed my hip over my saree, I said” relax we have time. 

Then we reached the platform and sat on the chair placing my bag along with his, waiting for the train. I asked him at what time is our train?” he said”10:30 train”, it was just 10, i said ohh so we have to wait for half an hour. 

Then he sat to my left without leaving even a single gap hugging me tightly with his right hand around me placing it on my hip. 

The station was rush, everyone were journey busy, but deepak he is busy wth me, he has started his foreplay right there the moment we sat down. He gently inserted his right hand under my saree touching my flesh inside, thank, God the place where we were sitting was having one dim light and it was at the far end of the platform. 

He touched my stomach bare flesh softly rubbing his entire palm over my entire stomach region. My saree paulla fell from my head landed on my neck and he brought his face close to my ears and gently blew air. 

Then he found my navel and started to insert one of his finger inside, I just hissed gently biting my lower lip, he whisphered in my ears “darling your body has still got lot’s of place to explore what a beauty hmmmm” I gently closed my eyes while he insereted his finger till it reached the end of my stomach pit. He agina whisphere” brinda woow your navel has got so deep last time it was not this much deep” 

Saying so he inserted his another finger i said in a husky voice” hmmm deepaakk you have changed my body”, he now inserted 2 fingers and started to pull it outwards stretching my navel, that was feeling great i bited my lips to control any emotions, and said hiiiissssss” deeapppakk please not here other’s might see us”, he then removed one finger out of my navel grouped my flesh with the finger which is inside my navel and the finger outside it and said” darlinng i can’t control”. 

Then he started to push his finger still deeper into my navel and said”look darling look at your nipples they are rising, your one sexy women brindaa, awesome “, then i saw my boobs the nipples were clearly projecting out, even with my bra on they are projected out. On seeing this action started to get vigour, he pushed in and pulled out his finger in my navel, fucking my navel with his finger. 

Then he removed his finger and took his hand out from my stomach. He then felt the bare flesh of my arm which was sleevless and inserted his hand under my armpit and tried to cup my right boob. But i didn’t give him space to tocuh my boob as it will give clear view to others about our foreplay. I said “no deepak please not here, just wait for few minutes.” he said” please brinda darling please please” and he pushed my armpit and succeded in inserting his hand over my right boob, I just saw others whether anyone else is noticing us.

Meanwhile he made himself comfortable enough and gently touched my right nipple over my blouse and he started to twist it hardly, i was feeling a heavy pain, he started to pinch it hardly, i bite my lips hardly to control my moans, while he started to pull my nipple outwards.while doing this he said “my dear there’s no difference when i touched your naked nipple that day to today’s nipple which in under your blouse and still it’s projected so much out” and started to play with it. 

Then a sigh of relief, the train came. We took our bag and walked towards our compartment, on the way he went to ttr and showed the ticket’s and came, he told me” it’s better to show him tickets now and told him not to disturb us later. Then we reached our coach, it was 1st class AC room compartments. 

We found our compartment and he stood infront of the compartment and said ” ladies first” and showed his hand asking me to go in first. Wow the compatment was great with highc chillness and there were only 2 berths side by side. 

He too entered in behind me and locked the compartment door properly, while i kept my bag under the seat and stood there looking at the compartment. He crossed me and covered the windows with the screen immediately kept his bag also under the seat and turned towards me. 

I was standing at the middle of the compartment, he came close to me removed the saree paulla from my neck and placed it properly exposing my back spreaded with my hair. 

He saw me deep into my eyes. He immediately unzipped his pant and took his penis out. What a sight that black python was fully erect, he came still closer, bent down and pushed my peticot along wih the saree upwards till it ezposed my vagina, i was in for a shock thinking just now we have reached in and he has started to begin from the end, i was just looking at him quietly with shocked expression, he succeded in pushing the enitire peticot and saree till my hip and pushed me against the compartment wall. 

He then pointed his penis placing it on the entrance of my hole I jerked a bit when his python touched my vagina after a long time and he left my saree. 

It feels over his penis. He then saw me and said I wanted to fuck you right at the moment I 
saw you, you look so erotic in this dress, I want to fuck you with this dress on your lucsious body Brinda I  just saw him with a horny look waiting for that first thrust. He was just looking at me with full lust. 

He moved his hand to my face and gently traced his finger over my cheeks while gently he moved his hip into me, the feeling of his penis gently rubbing my vagina was so great I closed my eyes half moved my hands to his back and was caressing his hair gently, while he kept tracing his finger over my lips then neck and he neared my clevage, I gently hisseeddd, then without any signs he pushed his penis harder and deeper into my vagina, it hit me harder in my womb, I opened my eyes widely with unbelievable pain and held on to his back tightly and screamed ahhhh hmmmmm noo, he too grunted haaa, then the train started.

He too started fucking me pulled out his penis very slowly, then again he pusehd back the python ramming it in very fastly, my entire body jerked up, i just shouted at the peak of my voice ahhhhhhhh. He then came forwrad and kissed me devouring my mouth into his, while his hands travelled to my boobs over my saree and he started to crush them. 

He became so wild, he pushed his tongue into my mouth while he pulled back his hip this time when he moved his hip forward to thurst back in I too pushed my hip forward and our hips collided chuk chuk sound came from our hips the thrust was very violently i was able to hissssssss as his mouth my sucking my mouth, he pushed his tongue to my inner mouth, inturn I pushed my tongue into his mouth, he started to suck it wildly and his hands were squeezing my boobs harder and while he started to ram me below, hardly.

With each thrust he was reaching the depth of my womenhood. Then suddenly he stopped everything and saw me. I opened my eyes to see what happened. He took a deep breath and saw my boobs they were jutting out upwards crushed against his chest. He removed to paulla of my saree exposing my deep low neck blosue which showed a humungous clevage. 

It was the real feast for him, now he gently pushed the penis back into my hole and pulled out, he never stoppped fucking. Then he moved his chest back, this made my boobs to be free and it was full and round making a mountain like apearence.he started to remove my blouse hooks, he removed the first hook and his thrust became hard, then the second hook, now his thrust became very hard i just moaned for each of his thrust. 

Then he finally opened my blouse completely on seeing my boobs partially covered with white bra, he got turned on more and started to fuck me with hard strokes, i too gyrated my hip meeting his thrusts, my body was just jumping with his moves, my nipples were projected like anything inside the bra, he said “ohh brindaa are those your nipples are something else”, saying this he caught both my nipples with his finger over my bra and started to pinch it harder and at the same time he rammed me hardly, i closed my eyes and arched my neck up facing the compartment ceiling and moaned ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh i was in heaven his ram was so hard and the nipple treatment were so harsh i loved it!!! Ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhhhhh i was moaning. 

Then he reduced the phase and told ” darling woow your amazing, your beauty ahhhh” then gently his hands reached my back and opened the hook of my bra, 

Slowly he removed the bra belt from my shoulder and then bought his hands to the front, gently removing the bra cup slowly exposing my boobs. His penis was still inside my vagina all this time it was deeply resting inside my womenhood. Then atlast he removed the entire bra and there my boobs exposed clearly. 

We both were astonished to look how long my nipples stood erect. On seeing this he said “ohh Brindaaa your one hell of a women” saying this he started ramming me fastly which i was moaning absorbing it, i took my hands and kept on his ass pushing him furthur deeper and deeper into me. 

He now cupped both my boobs with his palm making my nipples projet out throught his finger gap and started to ram me faster with full speed, we both were moaning loudly, he was moaning ahhhhh brindaaaaa hhaa ahhhh Wooow what a women yourrrrr brindaaaa darling hmmmm.. 

I too was moaning in a rythms as his thrust were harder ahhh ahhhhh hhmmmm ahhhhh. Then he started to pull and pinch my nipples hardly, he then removed his penis out from me and immediately untied my petticoat knot and my saree fell down automatically, while I removed his shirt and massaged his chest, he quickyl removed the pant and boxer from his legs and in few seconds we became completely naked. 

He in a hurry pushed me on the berth. The berth was big like a cot and was having thick bed like blancket. He then came on top of me spreaded my legs pushed himself between my legs and pushed his penis hardly again back to my pussy, ahhhhhhh and started to ram me harder, my boobs were going crazy for his hard rams, the berth was making lok of squeek sounds from our fuck movements I couldn’t take it anymore, while he too couldn’t control his penis was growing in size inside my pussy. 

He caught my boobs harder and started to thrust deeper I came to know he’s going to finish, and he moved his hip back and came faster, while i moved my hip upper and again with ferice force our hips collided and we heard our bones collide with that last hard thrust we both cummed together groaning like animals ahhhhhhhhh, his sperm and my liquid filled my vagina and started to flow out throught the sides of my pussy. 

He just collapsed on top of me, we laid like that for few minutes with his penis starting to limp inside my vagina, then he got up and sat on the berth, while i was still lying with some pain. He then caught my right nipple and gently started to twist. Then i too got up and sat next to him. We both were sweating inspite of the AC being high. He then pushed my hair along with crushed flowers to my front on my right covering my right boob and he was gently rubbing my back. 

He said brinda darlingg ahh i can’t believe your body has got lot of things to offer”, i said ” you know very well to tame a women deepak, you just seduced me without knowing who i am in thee lodge”, he said “ohhh my that was a great day, seeing a women like you with no dress just a saree and your lovely boobs beautifully exposed, even a dead man would fuck you”, then he asked me “how come you were in that situation with no dress on top on that day dear?” 

I said “ohh it’s a big story Deepak will tell you later, and ohh you were so daring that day, you were trying to touch my nipples with cunning ideas on our way to the room”, he said “ohh that was a heavenly feeling darling hmmm” saying this his right hand came to my front under my armpit and cupped my right boob under my hair and he squeezed it pulling it outwards. Then after few minutes he took his bag, opened and took a book out. 

He came back and sat next to me and gave the book. Ohh my God it was Kamasutra, i opened the book and saw, it was explaining various positions and it’s benefit. He then tols me ” darling we are going to try all this in remaining 3 days, i want to finish doing all the positions on you”, i said “ohh no it can’t be there are about 50 positons and more.” he said ” why not don’t worry we will complete all the position and inturn we will discover new positions with you it’s possible to create new sex posiotns dear, your the hottested women” I said “ohh deepak what’s going to happen to my body for the next 3 days God only knows.” 

Then he got the book from me kept it besides on the stand, he switched off the light came back and laid me on the berth and started his session, he was highly vigrous i don’t know from where he was getting all this power. In the entire 6 hours journey he was fucking me, with just few minutes gap to rest. 

We had 2 long sessions and at the end of our 2nd session the train stopped at one station, deepak went out to chek then came and said “get ready darling next is our stopping”, i got up to see the time it was 5. Then i wore my bra, blouse petticoat and saree properly while he too was getting ready, then he went out to restroom. While i was still getting ready my dress were all sticking to my body as i was drenched in dry sweat. 

I saw the berth it was with full of crushed flowers, i removed the remains of the flowers from my hair and put a rubber band to tie my hairs. While i was applying little makeup he came in and sat. 

Then after getting ready, i stepped out to go to toilet room, he too got up and came out with me, the pathway was dark and no one was there, he came following behind me. 

He then whisphered in my ears while walking behind me Brinda you look marvleous from your back what a view darling in this white saree” on saying this he caught my hip and came near me and pushed his hip into me trying to thrust his tenant on my ass, i huskly said “please deepak leave not here” then i reached the toilet and entered in, while he too entered in. i said “what is this deepak please give me some time?” he said ohh brinda just do your stuff i won’t disturb you” there was hardly. 

Place for both of us to stand inside. I just smiled and said till now you were fucking me, will you not get tired?” he said ” no way, am going to be tired till your around I just pushed him out and looked the door. After finishing I came out he was still there standing out, he came forwar and kissed me right there hmmmmmm. I tried pushing him but still he was kissinggg not leaving my mouth the somehow i pushed him and said how much you want me he said” 

I can’t control, by just seeing you my penis rises then I started walking towards to compartment fastly, he too walked in fastly, ohh thank God the train reached our stopping we immediately took our bag and got down. He took my bag also with him and hugged me to his right inserting his right hand into my saree placing on my hip, not much of the people got down. 

Then we came out got into a taxi and in the taxi I was finding it hard to control him, he just simply played with my navel and then pushed his hands to my boobs and was squeezing and mauling them gently. Then the taxi reached the lodge, where he already booked a room. He has arranged evrything properly remaining in next part.


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